Above is the link to my website I have created for my artist. After consolidating my research from existing artist’s websites I have included relevant pages such as tour dates, music and merchandise. I have features such as allowing you to play music on the site and to buy merchandise as well as the tracks you’re listening to. I have added these features to attract and interest my target audience.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 17.26.13

New Year New Song

When trying to plan my music video, I came to the conclusion that I actually didn’t really like my song or the idea that I was going to do. I found my idea to difficult to do in the time scale that I had, my actor was never free to film which proved to be very annoying. I have decided to change songs and actors to a much simpler idea but still challenging. I am going to do the song Alaska by Maggie Rogers.

Practise 4

I didn’t use a tripod when I was filming so when I went to edit it together my idea didn’t work, you can see when the video is moving out of the frame, this was because I was moving to much. Next time I am also going to use a black frame rather than white because it will be easier for me to edit and you will be able to see it clearer.

Digipak ideas

I like these two ideas for my digipak because they are different from a ‘normal’ design, most digipak are a photograph of the artist however I wanted to use a location from my music video.

I like this design above because of the different layers, however when I pick my picture I need to make sure that there is nothing on the bottom of the photograph, i.e. the rails, and that there is a very simple and photograph.

I like this design above because the pictures that have been cut out remind me of a sound wave however it was difficult to get them to look realistic, I am also going to have them random on both sides as I don’t think that it looks as good with a mirrored effect. I like how in this designs you can see the image around the edge of the white layer.