Practise 4

I didn’t use a tripod when I was filming so when I went to edit it together my idea didn’t work, you can see when the video is moving out of the frame, this was because I was moving to much. Next time I am also going to use a black frame rather than white because it will be easier for me to edit and you will be able to see it clearer.

Digipak ideas

I like these two ideas for my digipak because they are different from a ‘normal’ design, most digipak are a photograph of the artist however I wanted to use a location from my music video.

I like this design above because of the different layers, however when I pick my picture I need to make sure that there is nothing on the bottom of the photograph, i.e. the rails, and that there is a very simple and photograph.

I like this design above because the pictures that have been cut out remind me of a sound wave however it was difficult to get them to look realistic, I am also going to have them random on both sides as I don’t think that it looks as good with a mirrored effect. I like how in this designs you can see the image around the edge of the white layer.

Actions, Locations and Props – Unfinished


I have chosen to use Sarah as the main character in my music video. She will be doing  the performance and acting in the narrative. I chose Sarah because she has a lot of experience in acting and singing, this means that she won’t be shy and awkward when acting. Sarah also remind me of Ella Eyre, so I thought she would be a good choice.



I am going to film my video in either St Ouens beach or St Brelades beach.

I am going to film the start and end of my video in St Ouens as I will be able to film the sunset. I was inspired by a lot of Jack Johnson’s video’s as he uses videos sunset’s which reflect onto the sea. Ben Howard also uses calm settings, for example the beach and water. (see below)

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.12.37Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 09.14.49Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.37.32Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.36.20


For my music video, I am going to use a similar technique as the streets have done in their music video of ‘Fit but you know it’.

Here is a my practice video. To create the effect of a moving image I have layered the top video onto each other then made the video of David singing smaller so that I would fit inside the frame.