Evaluation Question 4

Question 4 – How did you use media techniques in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The first task I had to complete as part of my advanced portfolio was to research music videos, digipak and websites taken from the genre I was hoping to film my music video in. 

I began by selecting 10 music videos and by watching them on YouTube and listening to them on ITunes, I then screen grabbed important shots from YouTube which I thought would be useful when identifying the generic conventions of an indie music video and also that I would like to try and recreate in my own music video. With these screenshots I then imported them to word and created a document with a little description of why I chose that particular image from the video.

 With the research complete and my genre chosen, I then created a target audience interview. Here I created a variety of questions what I gave to people on what they thought should be included in an indie video and what it should be about. Once I had interviewed my peers I made a video on Premier Pro which allowed me to easily compare and identify what each questions response were. 

 As the song I had chosen had a female vocalist, I auditioned 7 different females who I thought would fit the character scheme. They all sung the same song and using Premier Pro I edited the clips of them singing to the music to see who would be best. Because I changed songs half way through the year as I didn’t like my original song and my actress, and I couldn’t find time to film, I then had to audition another 2 females for the song ‘Alaska’.

 When thinking of ideas for the storyline, I analysed the lyrics of the song ‘Alaska’ and wrote down to the side of a word document, what I wanted to film in each part of the song.

 In addition, I presented all my research posts and progression of my advanced portfolio onto wordpress.com. This is a blogging site and was ideal as it allowed my work to be presented easily and professionally. I also used wix.com to create my website for the ancillary task. This was alongside Adobe InDesign and Photoshop when creating my Digipack. I also used 1001 fonts so that I could use a font that would fit my style and genre. I collaborated with all three of these software’s allowing me to show continuity between my ancillary tasks. 

I used my IPhone 7+ to film on, and used an app called Movie Pro, this app enabled me to film more detailed and better-quality videos than my original camera which was a cannon 700d? In addition, I used my GoPro hero 3+ to film. I also used a gimbal so that the GoPro would be stable.

 In conclusion, to create the evaluation questions I used QuickTime screen recording to record my actions on the computer then uploading and editing them on Premier Pro CC before uploading them onto Vimeo.

Evaluation Question 2


I believe that my music video, digipak and website work very effectively as a combination, as each of these products include the same modern quality that is stereotypically associated with the indie/pop.

Having researched other already established artists, I saw that it is important for a style/brand identity to be established when trying to promote an album or single. For example, on Clean Bandits website they have their name and logo on the home page consistently at the top, as well as having a familiar bright colour schemes throughout.

Through researching numerous websites like this, I decided to incorporate this colour scheme as seen on other indie and pop artists such as ‘Ben Howard’ and ‘Ed Sheeran’. Furthermore, I chose to use the same image of the beach on my digipak and my website as I thought it will make audiences distinguish my brand more easily. On my Wix website, there are there are also links to another web-based axillary’s such as Instagram.

Additionally, I had photos featuring on my website, I uploaded to Instagram and my merchandise website so that there were clear connections between my various web-based ancillaries. As all of these social media pages directly link from my Wix website, it was important that I established a similar style and design throughout, which ultimately, I believe I achieved by using the same/similar photos and colour schemes throughout them all. For my final digipak, I used two images one at the front and the other on the inside. I wanted to use my Photoshop skills and create and interesting design by over lapping the original image in multiple circles.

To help colour match all of the images on my digipak to be the same as my music video, I imported them into Premiere and used a colour correction which gave the images a white wash effect. Using this colour correction on of all my images and music videos makes my work look more professional as well as familiar to the fans/target audience of the indie pop genre. After extensive research into existing digipak products of already established artists and trying to create my own personalised cover, it became evident that colour matching was one of the most influential components to whether the digipak was successful/attractive or not.

Additionally, I also incorporated a familiar blue / white text which can be seen on both my website and digipak, which was taken from my research of current established digipaks. I also feel that my choices of locations in my music video allowed for my ancillary texts to relate closely to that of my music video. This level of consistency establishes a distinct, recognisable style across all of my products and stand out to consumers and my target audience of the indie/pop genre.

Evaluation Question 1

There are many aspects of my Advanced Media Production that can be considered to be both conventions and challenge the conventions of real media products. These conventions can be seen in my final music video and digipack. One convention that can be seen in my digipack is the use of a barcode printed on the back of the digipack. I used Photoshop to align my images and text as well as the barcode, this is a typical convention seen in real media products for example on Jack Johnson’s digipak for the album ‘In between dreams’. I felt that using blues and light shades across my digipak, music video and websites was effective as it is a convention seen in real indie/pop digipacks. An example of this is Ben Howards “Every Kingdom” which utilise a variety of blue tones which are ultimately simple.

When researching real music artists digipacks, I became aware that most artists created their own font that is used throughout all of their albums, posters, and merchandise. An example of this is Ed Sheeran’s’ albums, using the same font as well as creating his logos, Ed Sheeran reassembles different mathematical signs and symbols for example division, multiply and plus that are now immediately associated to his form/style of music, these symbols are also featured on his guitars as seen during his performances. As well as looking effective, it distinguishes his own unique, original style and brand from other artists of a similar genre. For my digipack and merchandise, I decided to use the same font called Kozuka Gothic throughout, which not only makes all of these products connect, but also allows for my brand to be recognised by listeners and followers and they begin to identify my chosen font as being my singer’s ‘trademark’ and can immediately associate similar styles with that of my artist.

A convention seen in many other websites by real artists is that the tour dates are listed under their own subheading, for example, Ed Sheeran’s and Clean Bandit’s pages to name a few. Many websites incorporated pictures of their artists which lead me to pick an image with a similar convention that complements my chosen genre and the style of my artist, I continued the theme of blues and white tones across my website. I believe this image works effectively with my chosen font style and colour, making important information stand out and catch the eye. I chose to put my singer in casual clothes that I feel would not challenge the conventions of similar acoustic videos and digipacks as it is nothing out of the ordinary. However, on the other hand my website could be seen as challenging the conventions of real websites as mine features various tabs and links whereas real life websites often include a constant, free-flowing scrolling layout which requires little effort. Although this did not fit existing conventions and ideas, I believe that my setup/layout is easier to navigate, clearer and more effective when needing to find information about my artist quickly.

In my music video I feel that I followed many conventions that exist in real music videos. The first most obvious convention is that I used only a female actor. This convention can be seen in Jeremy Loops, hit single “Waves”. The locations I used can also be considered conventions as in the existing indie/acoustic music videos that I researched during my research posts most tended to feature beaches or fields/forests. I chose to use these locations in my music video as I feel they work well with the style of music. I also noticed that the use of filming waves and water is a typical convention of acoustic music videos this may be because it represents calmness and freedom. I chose to use these kinds of shots in my music video because the lyrics of my song fit with that theme. I also wanted to have a very calm music video with more aesthetically pleasing shots, which can be seen in Ben Brown’s visual vibes video ‘Maldives’. When filming I made sure to have multiple close ups of the artist in distinctive clothing such as a red jacket, this will help the audience to clearly identify their ‘brand’.

In conclusion I feel that my media product is both a convention and challenges conventions of real media products. However, I feel that when constructing my digipack, website and music video I made sure to take all my research that I had done into consideration in order to create a product that is both effective and is a convention of a typical music video.

Second Draft

Below is my second draft, in this new draft music video I added some new videos. In my first draft I had clips in the water and of sunset but when I was reviewing my video with me peers I decided that they did not fit the theme of my video. I changed these clips to new clips of Zara clicking her fingers in time with the music, I layered up the clips so that you were able to see Zara more than once in each clip. I think that this fits in with my music video as it have similar aspects throughout.


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 13.42.54